3 Key Web Design Elements that Improve User Experience

All business owners want their website to look good. But what does that mean for the site’s visitors? A good user experience means that they will be engaged on your site and ultimately supply their email address, sign up for your newsletter, pick up the phone to call you, or whatever outcome you are hoping for. And, there are some key web design elements that will help improve user experience.

First is typography. This includes all facets of the words on a page, not just the primary font. It also includes the font family usage, sizes of letters and words, line spacing, color of the text and the contrast on the page. All of these factors need to work together on the webpage — while staying on brand — to make your information easy to read or consume.

How the text is displayed is critical. If someone is trying to learn about your business, your message has to be clear, and clearly readable. Most web users today are quite savvy. They know when the content is well-done, but they also know that when it’s bad, it’s bad. If the content doesn’t look good, the user will most likely click away.

The second key web design element is consistent use of a call to action (CTA). Like I’ve already mentioned, you want your website to encourage potential customers or clients to perform a certain action. How are they going to sign up for your seminar, order a product or reserve a table? The CTA buttons need to be obvious and consistent from page to page to move visitors through the intended journey you want them to take.

Calls to action do vary from site to site and business to business. The point is to make sure that whatever your CTA is, it needs to be apparent on each webpage and have clear direction.

Lastly, the third is video. You may not think of it as a design element, but video is important to the overall look of your web page. A video that’s not well-placed on a site or a page or is hard to find probably won’t make the impact you’d like.

And, visitors like videos because they are easy to digest. They can entertain or be informative, but no matter the tone, videos will engage and keep a user’s attention. This captured attention is marketing gold.

Incorporating these three web design elements is sure to improve the user experience for people visiting your website — and keep them coming back.