For over 36 years we’ve maintained a genuine passion for all things creative

At ACS, our passion for creativity is unwavering. When we’re not creating strong brands or developing impressive websites, we’re researching best practices, seeking new inspiration, and sharing our findings.

ACS Creative was established over 36 years ago in response to the growing need for businesses to effectively promote their products and services to the world. As the advertising industry has evolved, so have we. Our focus has shifted from radio and television to print and digital, and we now offer a comprehensive range of marketing services, all aimed at helping companies achieve success through impactful creativity.

From the start, ACS Creative has adopted a more streamlined and efficient approach, rejecting the traditional agency model. Instead of hiring intermediaries, we put our talent directly in touch with clients to understand their needs and provide smart solutions. This personalized and direct approach leads to increased cost-efficiencies and higher client satisfaction, and has become a hallmark of our business.

Russell Anderson
CEO & President

Ed Ruff
Director of Creative Engagement

Kari Chamberlin
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Howell
Creative Director

Rob Smelik
Creative Director

Ben Kauffman
Art Director

Matt Burke
Art Director

Thomas Jacobs
Online Marketing Manager

Dan Crowe
Lead Developer

Paul Molina
Lead Developer

Erin Wilgenbusch
Creative Writer

Tommy Dingus
Senior Graphic Designer

Peter Burgess
Graphic Designer