Build Your Brand with Ease

Steps to Build Your Brand… With Purpose

Building a strong brand that means something about you, but also resonates with your customers, is easier said than done. Companies can spend years, even decades, building then rebuilding their brands to make them stand out. For both new and established businesses, creating and maintaining a brand takes care and consideration. Let’s start with two key steps to build your brand.

First, you need to decide who you are as a company. What type of personality should your brand reflect? Finding this identity requires looking inward. Is your company lighthearted and fun? Or corporate and serious? Have you been around for decades or just a few months? What’s your story? The answers to these questions will help you delve deeper into the type of personality your company has or the one you want it to have.

And, you may not get it right the first time. It’s not uncommon to experiment with different “personalities” if you’re not quite sure where you fit in. There are no set-in-stone rules. You can try something and gauge if your customers are responsive or not.

Second, you need to establish your target audience. These consumers, clients or customers can help guide your brand. Who are these people? What’s their motivation? How do they see your business or industry? Check out the competition and see who they’re targeting. You may even discover a niche market they’ve overlooked.

Analyze your products or services and their benefits. What customer base uses or needs these products or services? What are their demographics? If you’re not sure who your target audience is, you may need to conduct a more thorough market research survey.

Once you’ve identified these two key elements, you’ll be able to implement them into the brand guidelines and design for your company. This includes all of your brand elements, like your company color scheme, typography usage, logo, tagline and website design.

It’s time to let your brand’s personality shine.