local marketing strategy

Enough about the big game. Let’s talk about YOUR business!

If you spent last night on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next commercial break, we can relate. Sure, the big game was one for the books—but for us, it’s all about the ads. Hollywood-grade budgets, celebrity cameos, immersive dialogue, fully-licensed pop music, and focus group-approved comedic timing all added up to an epic viewing experience for us and a major win for the sponsors! Here we are now, 219 days away from the next pro football game, wondering what’s next. At ACS Creative, we feel it’s time for local businesses to take the stage!

National advertisements like those seen during the big game are just one approach that a company can take. But, is it necessary for you? Figuring out the best local marketing tactics and strategy for your business can be a complicated business in itself. What matters to your company and the targeted audience you want to reach? How do you want to accomplish this from a marketing standpoint and still stay within your budget? ACS Creative can help answer these questions with you.

In 2018, we posted a helpful list of local marketing ideas, but a lot has changed since then. Some of the items have stayed the same, and some new trends have emerged. As awesome as marketing may be, it’s often easy for local businesses to feel left out of the excitement. We’ve put together a list of proven local marketing tactics for all the mom and pop, brick and mortar, Main Street proprietors out there.

Even if you’re only trying to capture the attention of your neighborhood, community, or city, there is still plenty of opportunity to grow online. Over the next few weeks, we are going to take a look at some local marketing ideas that will accelerate your business in 2020, and take your brand into the end zone.

Look for our first blog on local marketing tactics, Search Engine Optimization, coming next week.