Newly-Branded Innovative Insurance has a Website to Match with InsuraLease

In the broad industry that is auto insurance, there are endless niche companies. ACS was approached by an outfit with a new service: auto insurance that specifically targets lease here, pay here auto dealers and offers them a more convenient and economical way to ensure that their customers carry the required car insurance. These dealers spend a lot of money tracking their lease customers’ insurance premiums. Insuralease offers a way to virtually eliminate that. Now came the hard part: designing a user-friendly website that explained this new kind of insurance and encouraged adoption by the targeted dealers.

First, you need a name.

Unfortunately, the company’s initial name was protected by common law trademark and could not be used. So we put on our identity hat and went to work. Our creative director closely collaborated with the client to develop a name that reflected the mission—and had an available URL. Not so easy these days. But we landed on a winner: Insuralease. Note the two main components, insurance and lease, are right in the name—which makes it easy to remember. We then developed a logo and color palette that promoted trust and looked as modern as this new insurance idea. Onto the website design.

Explain and convince.

In general, website design has two main goals: 1. explain a product or service, and 2. convince people to use that product or service. With a new service like Insuralease, we had a lot of explaining to do. However, nobody wants to read long paragraphs on the web. That’s where good web design comes in. We created “The Process” tab and broke the information down into “8 Easy Steps.” Each step went into a separate blue box with a lime green icon. This graphic visual allows potential customers to quickly digest the information. It barely feels like reading. Plus the ease of the site helps convince auto dealers that engaging the service will be just as hassle-free.

Answering The Who

Part of explaining a product or service is clearly indicating who the product/service is for. We did that right on the home page in the sub-head: “For lease here, pay here dealers and their customers.” The message is quite clear. The home page also drills in the brand promise: that Insuralease is an instant and easy insurance solution that is a win win for everyone. Making sure this website prominently delivered that message was definitely a win for us. 

Customers always have questions.

Our web designers recommend FAQ pages to many of our clients, and Insuralease was no different. With a new service, you want to make sure you don’t leave a zillion questions hanging out there. That bounces customers. The FAQ page we created for Insuralease has lime green questions to help them stand out, and large font answers to make them easy to read. We also added a sidebar with contact information for specific, real people and encouraged potential clients to ask questions.

Responsive leads to responses.

Lastly, we made sure that our web design works across all platforms by using responsive web technology. Though this best practice has been around for a couple of years, many don’t realize the importance of responsive web design. Responsive web design basically means that a website’s content will automatically adjust to the width of a browser. So when you view a responsive site on your phone, you’ll notice that the menu suddenly becomes a drop down and content is aligned vertically. This way you don’t have to shrink and enlarge content to get around the site. With an increasing majority of people surfing the web on tablets and phones, it is critical that companies have a responsive website. We made sure that Insuralease does.
Overall, the project was a huge success for us. ACS is proud to have one more happy customer under our belt.