When the Feds Need You, You Need Us

Federal agencies and other government organizations are just like other businesses. They turn to vendors for various products and services. If you’re in the business of providing those services, then we should be in business with YOU! We’ve helped many companies market themselves to government entities. We understand the language and visuals they respond to. By designing your company a strong B to G website, we can help you procure those coveted government contracts.

You may have seen us on the GSA schedule.

For a long time, ACS Creative was on the GSA schedule as an official vendor capable of delivering government marketing orders. Today, we are often asked to partner with larger companies to fulfill a facet of an extensive contract—and we are happy to do so. We’ve lent our expertise to many federal, state and municipal web projects. These contracts often consist of detailed technical requirements, which we are accustomed to meticulously meeting. Our long history of working with the government is a boon to our dozens of clients who seek to work with government agencies as well.

Let us lend you our expertise.

Our agency has a great deal of experience in the government vendor space. Many lessons learned and goals accomplished inspire how we approach new B to G website projects. Here are a few simple ways you can make your website design stand out to government agencies.

Be clear and concise.

When marketing to federal agencies, you want to address the services and benefits your company provides right up front. Splashy landing pages and other visual gimmicks are better left to other industries. This is a time for straightforward information. For example, check out this site we designed and built for Arena Technologies. The tabs on the homepage clearly state the info behind each tab, making it easy for visitors to understand the specific services provided and to learn more. Similarly, this website for ECS offers a slider that lists the company’s specialty areas. Below that are two prominent links: “What we do” and “Where we operate.” Again, these layouts are designed with clarity in mind.

Show off those federal logos.

If your business has been awarded government contracts in the past, you should definitely list the agencies’ logos right on the homepage. This instantly communicates to other agencies that you understand and fulfill government requirements. We’ve followed this rule for many of our B to Gov clients. Note how we highlighted them on the ECS and Arena Technologies websites we mentioned previously, and also on the Loch Harbour website we designed. Those logos serve as stamps of approval—and for companies pitching services to federal, state and municipal sectors, they are marketing gold.

If you work on contracts, list them.

If you are able to do so, it’s important to list the government contracts you currently fulfill on your website. This is not only helpful to other government agencies seeking work under those contracts, but it also shows off your expertise, qualifications and track record. On the Loch Harbour site, we included a tab on the primary navigation bar for “Contract Vehicles.” When visitors click on this menu option, they are taken to a page that lists both primary and sub contracts held by the company. They can further click on each contract to get more information. Furthermore, this tactic proves you’ve been vetted, which increases trust from potential new customers. All details are presented in a clear manner with points of contact designated for each.

Similarly, we listed “Contracts” in the nav bar for Spin Sys, a cyber security company. Here we also called them out in the Footer. This is especially helpful for those scrolling on tablets. If they never click on the Contracts tab, they still see the opportunity again at the bottom of the page.

Government Website Design

For any business, a government contract can mean steady, long-term work. No matter which sector you serve, the competition among vendors is intense. A professional B to G website that speaks to those you’re targeting can significantly tip the needle in your favor.