3 Reasons Why We Loved AN EVENT APART

There is a Japanese concept called kaizen. It means constantly improving, always growing. It’s a great way to approach any part of your life, especially your work. ACS Creative embraced this philosophy when we attended the well-known and well-respected conference, An Event Apart.

The three-day Washington, DC design conference brought together hundreds of designers, developers and industry professionals from all over the country for expert insights into the latest web trends. Celebrating its 10th year, An Event Apart curated an impressive lineup of accomplished speakers from the creative field to share their glimpse into what’s next. Like our fellow attendees, we were there to absorb industry tips like a sponge — and that’s what we did.

An Event Apart DC

It’s not often we pause our busy days at the office for a company excursion, but we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share exciting new ideas with our current (and future) clients. We appreciated the chance to reconnect as a creative team and prepare for the latest developments in web design. Here are just three of many reasons why we loved An Event Apart.

1. Learned the latest industry trends

In the world of web design, nothing stays the same for long. That’s why it is important to stay tuned to new developments in web apps, internet browsers and other ever-changing technology. It was tremendously helpful to get insider tips on the latest design news, directly from experts at the top of their field.

2. Strengthened our team

There’s nothing like back-to-back sessions on content, CSS, coding and other best practices to bring your creative team together. After every session, we found ourselves brainstorming new ways to improve our clients’ websites.

How can we compress images so pages load faster? How can we apply this Progress Web App technology for better mobile experiences? How can we make our sites more accessible for people living with disabilities? We asked ourselves these questions, inspired by talented speakers like CSS guru Rachel Andrew and mobile web expert Jason Grigsby.

These rapid-fire conversations not only made ACS stronger as a team, but it also made us better prepared to serve our clients.

3. Shared insights with our clients — and with you!

As much as we value professional self-improvement, we value our clients even more. We want to stay sharp to make sure they have the latest and greatest tools at their disposal.

ACS Team at AEA 2017

We don’t want to keep all of the great industry practices to ourselves. We want to share our insights with you too! That’s why over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of blog posts on what we learned at An Event Apart and how it applies to your business. Be sure to follow us on social media and check back often for more exclusive content like this!