How We Took a Website from Stuck to Stellar

When Kyro Systems came to us, they were at the end of their rope. (Somewhat odd, for a company that spends a lot of time hanging from ropes to install skylights).

They were redesigning their website and hit a wall. The project was dragging on month after month. Another web development firm (and we won’t name names) had built most of the website. The website didn’t look bad, but it also didn’t work. Overall, the site lacked organization and was difficult to navigate.

We meet a lot of clients like this. Clients who get most of the way down the road on a new website and need help over the last hurdles. We love picking up projects like these because we understand what it takes to build effective websites, not just pretty ones.

On Time, On Budget

A family business, Kyro Systems installs and repairs skylights and building envelopes in the DC area. They have worked on gorgeous buildings for prestigious institutions like the National Gallery of Art and the Ronald Reagan Building.

After sinking resources into a website that wasn’t working, Kyro had very little budget left to finish the project. We wanted to help them out of this tough spot, so we stuck to a tight schedule to launch an effective site without breaking the bank.

Our finely tuned web development process helps us turn sites around quickly. We present initial mock-ups, receive client feedback and then build out the final webpages from there. By following these steps, websites can be built and launched in a matter of weeks.

At ACS, we place a premium on direct communication. Unlike other agencies, we don’t have account middlemen. Our clients work directly with the creative team, so nothing gets lost in translation. This helps projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Kyros Website

Words, Words, Words

To launch a website, you also need to write web-friendly content. This hurdle often slows down many companies. Web copy has to be shorter and easier to read than other types of content, and not everyone knows how to tackle this challenge.

Kyro sent us pages of text they had written about their services. We adapted the content, shortening the sentences and breaking up paragraphs. This way, website readers can quickly scan a page for the information they need.

Thanks to careful planning and client input, the new Kyro website is broken into simple, easy-to-understand categories. Though the original design was unorganized, the new website clearly guides people to relevant information on Kyro’s services, projects and contact information.

Preparing for the Future

The new Kyro Systems website provides a straightforward introduction to the company. But, as with any project, there is always room to grow. In the future, Kyro may want to use their website as the centerpiece of marketing efforts. With the foundation we set up, it will be easy for their team to expand the website whenever and however they choose.

We build all of our websites using WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS). WordPress has backend editing tools that allow you to update a website without needing to understand coding.

For instance, Kyro may want to set up a blog on their website. From there, they could share the content on social media or email the articles to their subscribers. In this way, they can keep their brand top-of-mind for valuable customers. The website we built makes this future marketing possible.

We’re so happy to have helped Kyro Systems get their new website up and running. We can’t wait what the future holds for their business!