Website Management Made Easy

When we design a website, there are always two important people in mind: the person who visits the website and the person who manages the website. Of course, the site has to appeal to customers. But it also has to make life easier for the website manager.

Every website we build has a user-friendly content management system (CMS). So staff members can add website content, without needing advanced technical skills.

We recently launched a website for the Washington Metro Chapter of Community Associations Institute (WMCCAI). They help community associations through advocacy, education, networking events and other services. Their new site provides a great experience for website visitors and WMCCAI staff.

Courting New Members

Members are the heart and soul of any association. Without them, these organizations wouldn’t exist. Appealing to new members was a top priority for the website, but it’s a challenge we had to approach carefully.

For example, you can’t expect someone who walks into a clothing store to buy the first sweater they see. They want to shop around a little. Try on a few different outfits. In that same way, new website visitors won’t want to take action right away. They need time to click around to a few pages. Read more about the association. Feel comfortable before they commit.

We needed to convince potential members to sign up, without expecting too much from them too soon. To build the case for WMCCAI, we developed a custom Membership page. It answers the question, “Why should I join this group?”.

The eye-catching page shows visitors the benefits of membership. It doesn’t expect users to sign up on the spot; it just gives them enough information to spark their curiosity.

Read All About It

One central membership benefit is access to the the monthly magazine, Quorum. The publication offers best practices, strategies and trends for associations. We needed to bring this print publication into the digital world.

The pages are colorful and easy to navigate for website visitors. They also save time for WMCCAI staff. On the backend, we designed a simple content management tool staff members. They don’t need to understand complicated code. They simply need to drag and drop content into this system. That way, they can upload articles on a monthly basis, without needing hours and hours of time for the task.

Signature Content for Signature Events

Members can also learn about upcoming events on the website using a virtual calendar. Visitors can explore different educational, networking and chapter meetings throughout the year.

Every event also has its own webpage. You can learn important details, export the event to your calendar, or contact the event organizer through these helpful pages.

Some of WMCCAI’s events needed a little more attention. Signature events happen every year, building on member memories and momentum. With that in mind, we created these custom pages as templates. These are easy to update, so anyone can switch out the information. Year after year, WMCCAI staff will recreate these event pages, without using HTML code.

We’re happy WMCCAI members and staff will have no hassles or hurdles as they use the new website.