Stay Away from the Web Wienies!

Now don’t get me wrong as I am very grateful for the business that eventually comes our way as a result of this poor decision making, but it never ceases to amaze me how many smart, savvy, and seemingly in-the-know business people will trust their web site design and development to a bunch of Web Wienies! That’s right, Web Wienies! And by Web Wienies I mean well-intentioned and good hearted people whom are simply woefully under-skilled in the business of today’s competitive web-centric environment. Often these practitioners have an eye for design or perhaps a penchant for some basic HTML coding and page building. But unfortunately for the enterprises entrusting these webmaster wannabes with the cornerstone of their business marketing – the price they pay in lost business and under-performing online activities is often far too large to even calculate.

And so, every week we get called into new website projects where somebody’s friend, neighbor, cousin, nephew, even spouse (Heaven forbid), or even a freelance connection that initially looked good, has dropped the ball, over-promised and never delivered, or sometimes – and maybe the worst; delivered a sub-par finished product that is probably doing your business more harm than good.

For 90% of the businesses out there today a strong, highly functional web presence is an imperative that you simply cannot do without. It’s time to stop delegating this oh-so important component of your business to anyone but those whom are up to the task – and there is plenty of good, solid competition out there. But unfortunately there are still plenty of people willing to take on your assignment whom are not up to the challenge – the Web Wienies. Do you and your business a big favor and stay away from the Web Wienies!

Uh-oh… Have you handed your website over to a Web Wienie? Or, are you on the brink of handing your web project over to a potential Web Wienie? I encourage you to carefully reconsider your options. Instead, pick up the phone and call us right now and let’s get your project on the right track to web success and powerful results. You deserve no less!