rebranding 101 when and how to refresh your brand

Rebranding 101: When and How to Refresh Your Brand

Every brand, whether it’s a budding startup or an established global corporation, goes through a life cycle.

Sometimes, during that cycle, the need for a brand refresh or total rebrand becomes evident. But, how do you recognize the signals for rebranding? And once you do, how can you effectively execute the process?

1. Why Consider Rebranding?

Brands evolve, just like people do. As market dynamics change, technology advances, and consumer behaviors shift, even the most iconic brands find themselves at crossroads where they need to rethink their positioning. Key reasons include

  • Market Expansion: As businesses grow and enter new markets, their brand may need to resonate with a different audience or culture.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Two or more entities becoming one often calls for a fresh brand identity that reflects shared values and visions.
  • Relevance: What worked a decade ago may not resonate today. As generational shifts happen, it’s essential to stay relevant.

2. When to Rebrand

  • Declining Sales: If the brand is no longer appealing or has a declining market share, it’s a signal.
  • Negative Image: Overcome past controversies or mishaps by starting afresh.
  • New Vision: A shift in company strategy or direction might necessitate a rebrand.

3. Steps to Effective Rebranding

  • Research: Understand your current brand perception. Survey your clientele – be it startups, small businesses, or global giants.
  • Strategy Formation: Based on your research, define your new brand direction. What do you want to be known for?
  • Design & Identity: Collaborate with creative experts (ACS Creative!) who understand the nuances of brand design. This is where agencies come into play.
  • Internal Alignment: Before launching, ensure everyone within the company understands and is aligned with the new brand.
  • Launch: Execute a multi-channel brand launch. This could be through LinkedIn, Google search, or other platforms suitable for your audience.
  • Feedback Loop: Post-launch, gather feedback, and be ready to make iterative changes.

4. Finding the Right Partner

While it’s possible to do this in-house, the perspective and expertise of a branding agency can be invaluable. They bring a fresh pair of eyes, backed by experience in dealing with various businesses, from nimble start-ups to global powerhouses. See how ACS Creative can help make your rebranding effort easy and professional.