Nonprofit Websites: Your Mission, Our Vision

Nonprofit organizations have the distinct task of conveying and executing their missions on a tight budget—and those goals are of no less import than their for profit counterparts. We get that. With hubs across the DC Metro area (a hotbed of nonprofit organizations), we have decades of experience helping causes economically harness the power of the web to communicate information, raise funds and do more good with their nonprofit websites.

Inform and Educate

A modern, strategically-designed website can help you reach a larger audience on the internet. Older websites that are not responsive (meaning they don’t adjust content to fit all devices) don’t rank as high with search engines—if at all. Any company, regardless of whether it is nonprofit or otherwise, needs a website that shows up when people search. We’d argue though, that properly designed websites are even more advantageous for nonprofits because a little spend really goes a long way. Compared to other forms of advertising, investing in a website that is communicating who you are and what you do 24/7 is a very smart marketing move.

Fundraising Efforts

If your nonprofit depends on donations, then a website can be a valuable fundraising tool. You can pitch your cause online with stories, images and case studies, and give potential donors the ability to send funds instantly and conveniently. This creates a sense of immediate gratification–which can lead to more donations. If folks have to mail checks in, chances are they won’t.

We created such an opportunity for online fundraising for Fairfax Casa, an organization that pairs court appointed special advocates with the children that need them. Fairfax Casa relies on both donations and volunteers, so the website we designed for them has several red and dark blue buttons on the homepage that grab your attention and encourage you to act. The images of the cute kids really help the nonprofit’s cause, too. There’s a powerful story being told here, and that story pulls at the purse strings.

AAEI Nonprofit Website

Serve Your Interests

While we often associate nonprofits with heartfelt causes, many have other equally legitimate agendas. For example, we designed a website for AAEI, the premier trade organization that represents US companies engaged in international importing and exporting. Conducting global business is a complicated affair. AAEI assists these companies by conveying the latest information on government regulations. They have members and hold conferences. What better way to collect and dispense information about laws and events than through a modern, easy to navigate website? And that’s exactly what we designed for them.

Event Promotion

The Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference (FALJC) is an annual meeting featuring seminars and other networking opportunities. The website we designed for them makes it easy for visitors to find other members, meet the officers and learn about upcoming events. There’s also a message board for folks to address common concerns. The clean website design really allows the information to be the hero, which is perfect for FALJC. We don’t believe in flash for flash’s sake.