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Lead Generation From Your Website

Generating leads. Converting leads. Qualifying leads. Calls to action. Landing pages.

Whew! That’s a big load for one website to carry. With the right strategy, your website can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolbox. It’s the center of your digital strategy and therefore should be working hard for you.

The basics of lead generation

It all starts with the audience. Clearly define and understand your audience segment. What are their pain points and how can you help them? Do your research on the competitive landscape and know your position within it. What’s your niche? How do you stand above others in your segment?

Your digital strategy starts by answering these questions. If you’re going to generate leads that convert, your website needs to be up to the task of generating interest among your target audience and leading them through your conversion points. To find opportunities for them to share their information with you requires a thorough knowledge of your audience and their needs. Armed with this information you can effectively move them through your funnel and interact with them throughout your entire digital marketing plan.

A website that builds trust

Your website needs to be modern and responsive. An attractive design will draw people in, and your content will build trust with them. Content that is too thin, load times that are too long, and sites that aren’t mobile-friendly are just a few of the ways you can fail with your website. Working with an experienced website design team ensures your site looks and performs at its very best.

Use your content to build trust. If you’ve completed your audience research, you’ll be able to speak their language and make them feel at home on your website. Offer trust signals like client testimonials and logos. Social proof in the form of customer reviews and industry expert opinions is another solid content method for building trust with your audience.

Visitors to your site should be able to easily contact you. Having clear, easy-to-find, and easy-to-submit forms encourages your audience to connect with you. Well-performing forms also allow you to gather the specific information you need to qualify leads and determine what steps come next (additional offer, quote from a sales rep, free sample, etc.).

Build in multiple opportunities to convert through the audience’s journey

Your audience doesn’t know what they don’t know and can feel overwhelmed by all the information you’re presenting to them – no matter how well-written and designed your site is. Offer them plenty of opportunities to stop and take a deeper dive into a particular feature.

  • A quiz can help people compare the features of your various products or services.
  • E-book and whitepaper downloads are a low-stakes way for you to capture information from your audience and help them learn more about your field
  • Landing pages with an attractive design and concise CTA are an obvious opportunity to convert and don’t forget a “thank you” page to recognize your audience for taking the first step with you.
  • Sharable videos and audio downloads are interactive ways to deepen your relationship with your audience and possibly expand it.
  • Live chats are a way to be “always on” for your audience and generate leads 24/7.

Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures a steady stream of website visitors. Research your keywords and continually update your site for trending words and phrases. Track your analytics and adjust accordingly.

Leveraging your other communication initiatives is a way to expand your SEO efforts beyond keywords.

  • Build inbound links through guest blogging opportunities. The added benefit is building thought leadership among your team by having them serve as guest bloggers on related sites.
  • Take advantage of the work your public relations team is doing by linking to news articles featuring your business.
  • Offline activities like event sponsorships and association memberships offer more opportunities to link your site to related content and boost your SEO efforts.

Lead generation is strategic, not opportunistic

Building a website that generates and converts leads is central to your digital marketing strategy. The experienced team at ACS Creative can help you through the entire journey from custom website development to content writing and SEO. One simple call is all it takes to make your website the most effective lead generation tool in your toolbox.