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How To Find the Perfect Web Design Agency for Your Next Project

Designing or redesigning your business website should be a positive experience that results in a finished product that looks great and performs superbly to meet your business goals. But with so many Web Design Agency in the marketplace, how do you find the one that’s right for you? With a little preparation, you can narrow the field and find a perfect match for your businesses web design and branding services requirements.

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1. Appealing Style

When considering a web design agency, first check out its Web site. Do you like what you see? Is it appealing? Professional? Easy to navigate? Does the company provide a portfolio of work that you can readily find and browse through?

When you study the portfolio, look at the range of designs and the variety of businesses the company has designed for. Is the website design unique to each business? Do the designs bring each business to life? Do the sites in the portfolio demonstrate that the design agency has experience creating features—shopping carts, custom Web applications, mobile accessibility—that you have in mind for your site? The portfolio provides examples of past work, so also ask to see examples of recent work to be sure that the company can deliver what today’s businesses need.

2. Many Skills, Deep Experience

Look for a Web design agency that offers deep experience in web design and branding services, along with marketing strategy and graphic design and up-to-date technical expertise. You need an agency who knows how to partner your business goals with style and functionality so that you get the most marketing value for your investment.

Your ideal web design agency will also have the knowledge to help you take advantage of Web marketing opportunities through blogs, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC advertising and social media. And it will design your site with “tomorrow” in mind to provide you with the greatest flexibility for updating your site in the future—whether you choose to continue your business relationship or go with another agency.

Make sure there are experts on staff as some agencies will try to stretch their capabilities or outsource. We keep a tight team of experts in web design, graphics, and marketing.

3. Friendly, Communicative—Passionate About Your Business

Most important, your ideal Web design agency must be a company you enjoy doing business with and have confidence in that they will deliver exceptional service. Do the firm’s designers offer a variety of fresh ideas? Do they strive to understand what appeals to you and your customers? Are they passionate about helping your business shine online?

Good communication is extremely important when you’re designing a new site. Make sure the agency you choose is on the same page with respect to how—and how often—you’d like to communicate regarding your project.

Great design agency employ talented, friendly, customer-focused designers who measure their success by the effectiveness of your business Web site. Look for an agency with designers who are patient and helpful, who listen intently to your needs and who help you understand the design process and your range of options. Finally, make sure the web design agency you choose has a deep enough well of resources to meet your milestones and complete your project on time.

4. Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Pricing for Web design projects varies depending on the complexity of the project. The larger or more complicated your site, the more you can expect to pay for your site design. Remember that the least expensive estimate you receive is not necessarily your best option—nor is the most expensive. A good rule of thumb is to choose a web design and branding services that;

  • Resonates with you
  • Can deliver the Web site capabilities you need to fulfill your business requirements
  • Provides a fair and reasonable price for the work you want completed

It’s a good idea to get a proposal or contract that spells out the work that will be done and the pricing for that work. Also, establish a price for work outside the scope of the contract that might emerge during the site design process.

5. Choose Your Best Match

Taking time to identify your needs and review potential Web design Agency to find your best match will pay off in the long run—you’ll be happier and so will your customers. One final note—if you don’t already know ACS Creative, I invite you to take a look at our Web design portfolio. If you have any questions about Web design or ideas or experiences to share, feel free to leave us a comment.

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