Good People: Our well-Digging Designer

Is there anything Madeline Burgos can’t do?

She designs beautiful brand communications. She plays a mean game of tennis. She swims like a mermaid.

And she digs wells in Central America.

It wasn’t easy. Madeline and fellow members of Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield VA spent 4 days drilling and digging through 50 feet of rock, clay, gravel and sand to reach a clean aquifer.

The trip was organized by Living Water International (

The experience changed her, Madeline said. “I learned the importance of getting out of my comfort zone. I think everyone should take at least one trip to somewhere unfamiliar, to have a good worldview.

“I met people living on less than $1 a day, and living so joyfully. It made me more thankful. It opened my heart.”

That’s our Madeline. She opens our hearts, too.

*A now-and-then series about ACS folks you might like to know