Domain Etiquette?

Is it possible for a domain to make or break a business?

“While the $14million price tag for may have become the stuff of legend, from a practical business standpoint, one assumes that somewhere along the line the numbers were very carefully crunched and that was thought to be a sound investment.”

“There’s no doubt, internet business is booming. Over 140 million domain names are currently in use and Google searches carried out daily are estimated at around three billion. The web is our best friend and with so many of us flocking to the search bar every time we have the slightest need, want, desire or inane query (‘If the moon was actually made of cheese, how long would it take the average American to eat it?’ – a genuine search) competition to appear before us and facilitate our wishes has become ferocious.”

“But in an effort to find an advantage which enables a business to stand out from the crowd as a floodlit beacon of commerce among its shadowed competitors, how important is having ‘the right’ domain name?”

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Source .Net Magazine