digital marketing for the financial services sector

Digital Marketing For The Financial Services Sector

On the cusp of the greatest wealth transfer in history, your audience of Millennials and Gen Z is looking for financial information and services online. Will they find you?

The thought of navigating digital waters, especially in the highly regulated financial services environment, may feel a little uncharted, but the fact is, your most lucrative audience expects you to be there.

They are about to inherit larger a legacy from their late-generation Baby Boomer parents than any generation before them.

In recent years, online searches for “retirement calculator” have increased 115%. Likewise, according to the same Google survey, mobile searches for the phrase “financial advisor” have increased 75%.

Developing your online brand requires a strategic approach that starts with your website and expands through social media and into paid online advertising, listings, and search engine optimization (SEO). It’s not complicated but it does require a clear brand strategy and the time to deploy it on an ongoing basis.

Start with your website

Strong calls-to-action and data-driven SEO are critical to earning new customer conversions from your website. Websites that load fast and are optimized for mobile users are building blocks for a successful digital strategy

  • Do your SEO research and let the data drive your keyword usage. Two important keyword metrics to measure are volume and difficulty. Track them regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Once you know your keywords, integrate them carefully into quality content. Deliver quality content that integrates your keywords organically to lend authenticity and shareability to your content.
  • Build backlinks to build credibility. Find relevant links back to your website from another high-quality, related website. When another quality website finds your website credible enough to link to it, it signals to the search engines that your website is valuable, which enhances your SEO efforts.

Effective Content Marketing

Use your website to collect information from your clients and potential clients by offering them compelling content in exchange for their name, email address, and maybe one or two other pertinent qualifying details. Become a trusted resource to your audience by offering:

  • An ebook detailing the path to a secure retirement.
  • A white paper spelling out the tax implications of recent inheritance law changes.
  • Access to a podcast or video series in which you explain the best investment vehicles for various stages of life.
  • Offer ongoing insights via a blog on your website. Your blog posts are a great way to incorporate keywords organically into your website and to offer “free” content to your website visitors.
  • Use email drip campaigns to follow a customer through their conversion journey and offers just what they’re looking for before they even have to ask for it.

Social Media Marketing

To be effective, you need to be active on social media. That doesn’t mean posting all day every day, but it does mean you need to be responsive. Share engaging content and respond frequently to feedback and comments on social media.

  • Consider paid posts that target your specific audience
  • Take advantage of tangential content – that is content that is related, but not exactly in your wheelhouse. For example, does your practice have a favorite charity? Post about it. Have you recently earned an award? Tell us about it. Attending a trade show? Let us know how to find you and share your unique hashtag.
  • Think of social media as another place to drive traffic to your website. Make an offer on social media that drives people to your landing page where you can opt-in to receive premium content like a guide, ebook, or video link.

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