be budget wise give new life to your existing content

Be Budget Wise: Give New Life To Your Existing Content

Everyone is tightening their belts. It’s not just at the grocery store or the gas pump; rising costs have reached every sector of every industry. We’re all being asked to do more with less.

What’s a savvy marketer to do? Repurpose your content.

Sounds simple, but without the proper strategy, and a small investment of your time, your repurposing efforts can fall flat. Let’s walk through the annals of your content and see what we might be able to make new again and yield great benefits. From improving your SEO to increasing your ROI, there is a business case to be made for strategically repurposing and deploying your existing content.

Start with the basics: your ABCs.

Audience: Know your audience. Stay current on their expectations and their pain points, then deliver content that keeps you top-of-mind with them and drives conversions. Repurposing content offers great potential to expand your audience as well. Think about a high-performing infographic and how it might draw in a new audience if it were delivered as a podcast.

Blog posts are a treasure trove of content ripe for repurposing. First, review and update the information in your blog posts to ensure the content is still accurate and current. Next, think about hitting the highlights of the blog post in a SlideShare or LinkedIn carousel. Or, go the other way and take a deeper dive into the topic by turning the blog post into a guide. Either way, you’ve captured a new audience. You’ve either raised awareness among a passive audience with your slides, or you’ve proved to be an insightful resource for audiences that are actively seeking information.

Content is king. You’ve already done the work of gathering, organizing, and delivering the content once. Your job, now, is to ensure its updated then start creating new deliverables.

  • A blog post can be streamlined and delivered as a Twitter thread.
  • Turn an op-ed into a YouTube video.
  • A guide that has a lot of downloads can be repackaged as an infographic.
  • Turn a whitepaper into a podcast episode.
  • When a Twitter thread generates interesting online conversations, why not turn them into a LinkedIn post?
  • Don’t forget about user-generated content. Turn those five-star reviews into Instagram reels.
  • Have you hosted a webinar? Write a summary from the transcript and share it as a blog post.

Be creative with the content you already have, then sit back and reap the rewards. You’ll find a new and expanded audience through enhanced SEO. Highlighting different facts of your product or service may turn the head of an audience that hadn’t been all that interested up to now. You’ll reinforce your brand in new and interesting ways, building confidence and trust with your audience.

Best of all, you’ll reduce the time and money you spend on content creation.

Track your analytics and consider repurposing your high-performing content in new and interesting ways. Review your SEO goals and see if you need to update a few keywords and phrases to help your audiences find you on the internet. Thumb through your blog and flag those posts that are timeless, or evergreen.

One important caveat to bear in mind when repurposing content, review it carefully. A checklist for repurposing a piece of content might include:

  • Checking any links and ensuring they still direct users where you want them to go.
  • Ensuring that personnel who are referenced (like a CEO or Director of Research) are still with your organization. If they aren’t update their references with new quotes from current personnel.
  • Verifying that your statistics are still accurate.
  • Referencing tools and technologies that still exist – nobody remembers Vine videos.

Even with all the content at your disposal, you may not have the time to repurpose it. One simple call to the experienced digital marketing team at ACS Creative and you’ll have freshly-repurposed content and a smart strategy for deploying it to your greatest advantage.