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5 Content Marketing Success Stories

Leverage Sales with One of the Hottest Marketing Trends

There’s a reason why content marketing has been called the strategy of the century: its phenomenal success. The key is to choose what type of content is right for your business and marketing goals. Let’s look at 5 popular types and how they brought success to organizations of all sizes.

1. Blue Apron: FaceBook community.
Blue Apron’s subscription delivery of 5 star recipes and ingredients enables home cooks to be gourmet chefs. The start-up spread the word about their innovative service on their FaceBook page, which now has 1.2 million fans who share tips, comments and photos of their results.
Success: In 2015 Blue Apron grew by 500 percent, delivering 5 million meal kits per month.

2. ADP: white papers.
This business processes outsource provider created a collection of white papers on human resources topics, and a website search engine that allowed users to select articles related to their industry.
Success: $1 million worth of new leads in the first three months.

3. Callaway Golf: YouTube how-to’s.
Instructional videos on game techniques have been a big hit for the golf equipment manufacturer. Even though they contain no product sales messaging, the videos convince viewers of the company’s expertise and customer service.
Success: One video alone received 30,000 views in one year.

4. Crowe Horwath: B2B infographics.
The accounting and consulting firm targeted financial institutions with $1 billion or more in assets using a variety of infographics, case studies and executive briefs. The informative materials received a large volume of views, shares and contact requests from corporate decision makers.
Success: One infographic generated close to 800 new contacts, two of whom brought in $250,000 in new business.

5. Red Bull: live streaming events.
Well known for its innovative content marketing tactics, the energy drink scores its biggest win by live streaming extreme sports events from all over the world. This content isn’t directly related to their product at all, but rather to the things their customers are interested in; thus proving that any content that delivers real value to the customer can pay off big.
Success: Audiences actively seek out Red Bull’s content, which generates triple the sales of its nearest competitor and attracts third party advertising.

Additional content marketing options you could consider range from blogs and newsletters to webinars and product demonstrations. What’s not an option is to get left behind as this marketing trend goes on to an even bigger and brighter future.